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How often should I have
my carpets cleaned?

Generally, most manufacturers recommend that on average carpets should be cleaned every 12 months. Carpets are made to hide/hold soil – when they look dirty, they are really filthy. Allowing a carpet to become overly soiled may result in a poor cleaning result visually.

Carpets can be ‘scratched’ by gritty soil resulting in the carpet looking dull. This can often be irreversible. So from an appearance point of view, it makes financial sense to maintain a carpet by regular cleaning. If the carpet is correctly cleaned it will last up to three times as long.

However, the main reason to clean is not for appearance but for health. Cleaning removes not only dirt and soil from your carpet but also bio pollutants such as bacteria and fungi that can create health problems. In addition, outdoor pollutants such as car exhaust fumes, pesticides, heavy metals including cadmium and lead are tracked into the home and need to be periodically removed by thorough cleaning.

Do I have to move all the furniture out of the rooms when the carpets are cleaned?

No, all we ask is that you move small and delicate/ valuable items—we will move the rest. However, we do not move very large and heavy items such as pianos, bookcases, heavy wardrobes or technical items such as TV’s etc..

If you particularly want a larger piece of furniture moved (eg sideboard or bookcase) we ask that you empty it and we can then move it, clean underneath and then place it on foil tabs to allow the carpet to dry underneath. The tabs would have to remain in place until the carpet is dry.

Carpet Cleaning FAQS

How long does it take for carpets to dry?

There is no simple answer, although typically 4 – 12 hours depending on the fibre type and subflooring. However, what we can say is that the fastest drying times are achieved when a flow of air across the carpet occurs.

This simply means leaving windows slightly open and maintaining a temperature of around 22 degrees C.
carpet Cleaning Drying Times

Do I have to stay off the carpets until they are dry?

No. You can walk on the carpets straightaway. However, you do not want to walk on damp carpets if your shoes are dirty as this will make the carpets dirty quickly. We recommend that light slippers/indoor shoes only are worn until the carpets are dry.

What areas do you cover?

We offer our services to customers who are within the Warwickshire area and surrounding villages
but have worked further afield on a referral of an existing client i.e. for their family or friends.

Quoting over the phone / got a cheaper quote elsewhere why?

We do not quote over the phone; we appreciate that some customers would prefer a quotation over the phone for price comparison etc. however it is almost impossible to give you an accurate and fair price without completing a full Free site survey to assess the fibre type and correct cleaning method and solutions needed to treat the areas that need to be cleaned.

As I’m sure you will appreciate all homes are different, some have heavy soiling some light, room sizes differ greatly too, therefore, our price reflects the level of work required to bring your carpets or upholstery back to the best condition that they can be.

If you have gotten a cheaper price elsewhere you may want to know why we cost more.?

The answer is simple not all company’s are the same, we are proud to be members of the NCCA and Trustmark and we follow strict British industry standards (PAS86) to ensure the best possible clean.
We have invested a lot of money and time into the best training and latest up to date equipment available and are also fully insured. There are companies out there that are known as splash and dash they come in wet your carpets and then dash off as quickly as they can and if there are any problems they are not to be seen again.

However our smart cleaning 16 stage process means there is no rushing, we take as long as we need to ensure you get the deepest and most thorough clean possible. (some cleaners only carry out three of these steps) and we are so confident in the quality of our work and our aftercare service we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee this means should you not be happy with your clean we will return and clean it again for free. Remember the price we quote is the price you pay no hidden extras or add on’s.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered here
please don’t hesitate to give Wes a call on 02475 075471

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Cleaning Packages

We offer a range of packages to suit most customers’ needs; we offer a budget package, a rapid dry package and our premium package which includes a protector.

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Client Comment 

Could not recommend these guys enough. Professional, friendly and down to earth. There’s a lot more to cleaning carpets than I thought and these people know their stuff.

I am so happy with how my carpets have come up and believe you me they were stained!! Reasonably priced too. Will be having them to do my furniture next.

Mrs J Lucy

Client Comment 

Absolutely fantastic job today, carpets look like new. Lovely friendly and helpful staff that obviously take pride in their work and a great price..

Would highly recommend and will definitely be using again.


Client Comment 

Had my sofa cleaned today, it was looking a little worse for wear, can’t tell you how pleased I am with how it has cleaned up, have taken the premium package this time around and gone for a protector as the grandchildren love to sit on nanny’s sofa while eating all sorts of rubbish.

Sheila Bennett

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