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Client Comment 

Could not recommend these guys enough. Professional, friendly and down to earth. There’s a lot more to cleaning carpets than I thought and these people know their stuff.

I am so happy with how my carpets have come up and believe you me they were stained!! Reasonably priced too. Will be having them to do my furniture next

Mrs J Lucy

Client Comment 

Absolutely fantastic job today, carpets look like new. Lovely friendly and helpful staff that obviously take pride in their work and a great price..

Would highly recommend and will definitely be using again.


Client Comment 

Had my sofa cleaned today, it was looking a little worse for wear, can’t tell you how pleased I am with how it has cleaned up, have taken the premium package this time around and gone for a protector as the grandchildren love to sit on nanny’s sofa while eating all sorts of rubbish.

Sheila Bennett

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